Over the years Leon has developed a unique style of visual storytelling. Each artwork immerses the viewer in a world full of stories and hidden treasures to explore. You can see some of his depictions of cities here.

This past winter he came to Washington, DC, looking for his next story to tell. Though conversations with friends, he realised that his immersive, nebulous style lends itself perfectly to depicting the great political upheavals that we are living through right now. But to create an artwork with this scale of ambition would need a coherent organising principle. It naturally followed to choose as a starting point, the event that seems most revealing of the absurdities of this political moment: January 6th. 

From there, the artwork would trace the strands and trends that led to that violent outburst, and by doing so, help us to process how we got here. A Bayeux Tapestry for our times. 

That very week, Leon went and stood in the rotunda of the Capitol, and sat on its steps to begin his process of envisioning.

The act of putting the pieces of a puzzle together is a slow and methodical process. It encourages us to sit with the artwork for a long period of time, considering each new element that we assemble. Along the way we can laugh, cry and ponder the details we discover! There is something joyously counter-cultural about really taking our time to dive into an artwork. And January 6th, The Puzzle is an artwork that really rewards such a deep dive!

The artwork is a puzzle in a second sense too. January 6th and its legacy is still something we are struggling to make sense of - trying to understand how all the pieces fit together. This artwork, with its intricate array of interlocking details and observations, reflects that. There is a puzzle-like satisfaction that comes from ‘solving’ the artwork by figuring out all the references. And then there is the puzzle of using those references to get a glimpse of the totality of the story the artwork is telling. 

The actual drawing of the piece lasted about 3 months. After that it took around 2 months to get it into production. 

No. Everything was done by hand over a period of several months.

Quite the opposite! Take your time to explore the artwork and you will find that it is a thoughtful, carefully constructed dive into the story of how we go to this political moment. Like all the best satire, it uses humour as a tool to shine a light on the absurdities of our situation.

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